Friday, June 8, 2007

what's the name of the runaway train...?

ghetto concept is one of those groups that appeared in the mid-90s and gave canadians hope about our hip-hop scene. shit, these guys were good. really good. first they dropped a 12" called "certified," (i'll get that up here eventually), but really, in my opinion, made a bigger impact with "e-z on the motion," a smoothed out vibe with hints of reggae inflection, jazzy, but still street. a great balance. after this song they began what would become a steady decline into making progressively worse music over the years, embracing every rap cliche that came along in an effort to achieve mainstream success. no such luck. too bad, it was just too much...

ghetto concept - e-z on the motion / hard copy (download)
1994 groove-a-lot / quality records / warlock records

this side
e-z on the motion
1. e-z on the motion
2. e-z on the motion (radio)
3. e-z (instrumental)

produced by da grass rook

that side
hard copy
1. hard copy
2. hard copy (radio)
3. hard copy (acappella)
4. hard copy (instrumental)
produced by ghetto concept


Anonymous said...

would you please re-up that ghetto concept? that video is fire.

ryan somers said...

re-up something for an anonymous poster? not likely...

Anonymous said...

you upped it for anonymous people before. if the link had been alive, i would have never posted a comment, and you would have never known that had i ever visited your blog.