Friday, June 29, 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the pruny electric...

listening to the electric prunes today. i love this shit.

forgot to mention the other day, sarah and i ran into my old school homie mista d from the salads, who were in town for some outdoor concert downtown. good stuff. we checked out a few songs, it was great to see those boys again. it's been a while since i used to regularly host their 'salad gold' parties in toronto. (watch video here). d has a baby on the way too, congrats man! we chatted for a minute about working on a track together, and i just emailed him a beat to work with, i'll let you know all know if anything comes of that...

the salads on stage.

sarah and i had to take a few stealth photos of some of the amazing people we saw there. this cat on the right with the double-braided-rat-tails? amazing.

and this dude had one of the greatest mullets i've ever seen. it was halfway down his back. i don't think he had any idea how awesome he was living.

close-up. it's hard to see as he's sitting on his own hair, but you get the idea.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the black dog...

some photos from the show last night at the black dog, in bayfield, on lake huron.

Monday, June 25, 2007

what a fuckin' night...

(the following is an excerpt from a novel i'm writing about a character named wayne samms:) this has been a seriously fucked up last twelve hours of my life. at work last night. ***** comes into the bar. gets mad at me for being too friendly with female customers. get over it. it's my job. deal. some idiot i work with goes home with the office key, so i can't get my bag/hat/flip-flops or put the cash-out away. then i'm reaching for an ashtray on the shelf under the bar and slice my finger open. some fucking moron put a broken ashtray back on the shelf. broken porcelain + reaching in the dark = sliced finger, bleeding profusely. it was a gusher. throbbing. tape it up, within minutes blood is dripping through the bandage. have a beer and smoke to relax. go home, ***** and i get into a huge fight about god knows what so i'm up 'til whenever. set alarm, alarm does not sound. wake up at 12:55, supposed to be at radio station at 1:15. have to go back to bar to get laptop bag first. finger still bleeding/throbbing. go to bar, get bag, call cab. wait for cab. cab doesn't come. finally hail another cab. get to station at 1:30. walk in, pull laptop out of bag, bang arm into desk, and drop laptop onto floor. laptop now dented/fucked. realize finger is still bleeding. ask if someone else can cover my show so i can go to hospital to see if i need stitches. walk to hospital. realize i don't have health card with me. walk home with blood dripping from finger. by the time i get home, bleeding has stopped. it still looks gross and has caked blood all over it and stings and throbs, but i figure fuck the hospital, it's too late now for stitches anyway. get coffee. talk to ***** for a bit. we're fucked. now i gotta go home and get ready for my show tonight. still haven't done laundry. been wearing the same damn boxers for three days now. gross. gonna have to dig another pair out from the bottom of the laundry bag. what a fucking day...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

three fucked dreams...

i had another crazy dream last night. this one involved spiders. not sure exactly where i was. an apartment? a hotel? either way, i'm with somebody else. no idea now who it was. there is a spider on my foot. i kick it off. again, the person says to me, "there's a spider on your foot," and again, i kick it off. this time it's a little more difficult to get rid of the thing. it's hanging from my foot by it's little spider web string stuff. i finally get it off. again, a spider. each time, it gets more and more difficult to get the thing off my foot. finally, my entire left foot is covered in spider web stuff, but it looks like a semi-clear bubble surrounding my foot. i go outside, through a sliding door (i think this is a motel now), and using a spoon, i "cut" the bubble-web thingy from my foot. back inside, i'm like "where are all these spiders coming from?," and turn over the coffee table. on the underside of it are what looks like two mini "hives," with multiple holes. there is a substance dripping from them, like honey. the other person and i then discover another hive on the wall, a large hole in the wall, filled with littles holes, also dripping with "honey." the table and the hole in the wall are right beside the bed i am to be sleeping in. there are two beds in the room. my bed is closer to the door, the other person's bed closer to the window/sliding door, but for some reason, i end up pushing my bed up against the window, as far away from the hives/spiders as possible...

here's another one from a week or two ago...

i'm scheduled to be executed tomorrow. but i'm free. i'm in the streets. why? i don't know. but i have to turn myself in that night for tomorrow's execution. i'm sitting outside, on a patio, with a man and a woman (did i already write about this dream? i don't know...) i'm talking to them about trying to prove my innnocence (i've been convicted of a double murder). i am innocent. i am pleading with the universe to help me find a way out of this. (part of me thinks that i did do it.) i promise to dedicate the rest of my life to doing good for the world, to somehow make it up to the universe. (i didn't do it.) then i'm walking, and sitting in front of a small thai restaurant, at a table, is my good friend ***** and this girl ***** who i met last year in *****. they are married. they have four little children. all of them blonde, with afros. little blonde afros. weird...

and another one? yup...

i'm in a car, in the back seat. it's night time. i'm tired. there are four of us in the back seat. i'm sitting on the right side. there is a girl sitting to my left, then my ***** ***** and on the far left, this cat i used to work with, *****. in the front, these two cats i know who run a concert promotion company in toronto, ***** is driving, and ***** is riding shotgun. i'm sitting there, thinking it's kind of weird that me and ***** aren't sitting beside each other. (why is there somebody between us?) i drift off to sleep, and when i wake up, i look over to my left, and she's leaning into *****. both asleep. she wakes up, and i look at her, thinking to myself "what the fuck is going on?" she starts explaining to me that her and ***** have been spending time together, since i've been so busy, and that "nothing is going on, but we're getting really close," and i'm just like "what the fuck?" then ***** wakes up, and i see that his hands are under her ass. she's sitting on his hands. fuck...

princess is a dj...

you may or not be familiar with princess superstar. i recently found this record in my crates. i ripped it, mostly so i could hear it, it's a mash-up record, and i had forgotten what was on it. so, now, here it is for you. the beatles/trina one ain't bad...

princess is a dj (download)
(2002, white label)

record one
side a
1. hollaback skynard
2. you know i got james gang
side b
1. how high tom sawyer?
2. repeatermotions

record two
side a
1. can i get a... sabbath
2. bela what it is right now (feat. at)
side b
1. nann something

Friday, June 22, 2007

every day...

(picture from here.)

i've been having some crazy dreams lately. more than usual. multiple nutso visions in one sleep. i wake up not knowing what happened. things seem real. sometimes it takes hours to realize that my memories are imagined...

my little nephew can run. he showed me a couple of nights ago. yup, he's not a full-fledged kid. a little wobbly running kid with a big smile on his face, laughing like a maniac. he gave me a big hug and told me he was going to fly like spiderman. he is...

how many times am i going to say that i'm going to start writing here every day? once more. once more. once more...

want to hear some music? of course you do. click here for ron nelson and e.q. downloads.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


it's kind of funny sometimes when you write something about somebody, post up their music, and then get a message back. this from ambersunshower:

thanks for the love .alive and kickin in nyc.groove garden blast from the past but solid,love the divine styler post crazy.
ambersunshower aka kohaku!ou

living underwater...

i don't know if i told you already, but my man birdapres and i have started a new mp3 blog for canadian rap music. it's called "living underwater."

check it out, and feel free to make requests...

Monday, June 11, 2007

calling london...

this is an open letter from my man drew, who is the producer/host of london calling, london's local entertainment show. (check out the promo, featuring, among others, yours truly...)


Dear Friends,

If you’re reading this, it’s because somewhere along the line you had an impact on London Calling. Representing London’s thriving arts scene is no easy undertaking; it involves a real team effort. Whether you held it down on the boom mic, fell asleep with us in the V.I.P. room at one of many concerts this season, asked for more ‘Taxi-Chat’ in the checkout line at Shopper’s, or ripped on us for pairing Staylefish with the Inuit Art Gallery in episode two (I’ll never live this down) you helped us create a buzz in this our first season.

This momentum has lead to two nominations at this year’s Impression Awards. Every year, a handful of shows on Rogers Television across Canada are nominated for distinction based on their success within a region or city. With your help, London Calling has made quite the impact in its rookie season, capturing two of three London nominations. We’re up for Best Arts & Entertainment Show and Best Promo - yes, the infamous “Zigga-Zigga-Za” commercial courtesy of our boy Bennie Man.

We’re hoping all this ‘buzz’ brings about a bigger and better London Calling in year two. However, the wonderful world of television comes with no guarantees. By sending a quick email to or by calling our viewer response line (519 673 1313) and leaving a message, our chances of returning are instantly improved.

London is too often defined as a one-dimensional ‘party city’. With the support of artists and bands, artsy entrepreneurs and you, London Calling proved why there’s so much more to this incredible city.

Thank you for all your input, advice, optimism and hard work. With any luck, we’ll be back for a progressive and entertaining look at this crazy city we call London.

I know I forgot a ton of people, if you could forward this note on to anyone who was invovled with the project (along with a big fat apology) that would be sweet.


Drew Skitt
Producer, London Calling
Rogers Television
London, ON
519 630 6091

Friday, June 8, 2007

but they don't fall down...

keith murray got a new one coming out this summer. despite the horrible album title, rap-murr-phobia (what are you thinking?), the first single ain't half-bad, so who knows?

keith murray - weeble wobble (mp3)

check out dude's myspace page too, if you want...

just a poet with soul food...

def jef, for my man trav at wydu.

def jef - just a poet with soul.

def jef - soul food.

do the dugs dig...?

my request, for my man farmer, the goats...

(q-tip, special ed, and the goats.)

no goats, no glory.

tricks of the shade.

killer dayton's...

i know absolutely nothing about this 12", but, of course, when you're an old school west coast rap fan like me and you stumble across something with the names dr. dre, easy-e, and bilal bashir on it, you buy it without hesitation. the moral of the story? don't drive alone on killer dayton's...

poetry 'n' motion - killer dayton's (download)
1987, saturn records

poetry 'n' motion
d-rock, d-m-d, d-easy-e

side a
killer dayton's

side b
killer dayton's (instrumental)
killer dayton's (bonus beats)

arranged and produced by dr. dre & dj bilal bashir
dr. dre (sb-1200), dj little rockin' "g" on the 1200's
special thanks to: h.b. jock, h.b. eric, dj bilal bashir, johnny boy, dj weasul, easy e, slice master "k" and all my friends

recorded and mixed at trax studio
los angeles, ca, engr. - mike edwards

what's the name of the runaway train...?

ghetto concept is one of those groups that appeared in the mid-90s and gave canadians hope about our hip-hop scene. shit, these guys were good. really good. first they dropped a 12" called "certified," (i'll get that up here eventually), but really, in my opinion, made a bigger impact with "e-z on the motion," a smoothed out vibe with hints of reggae inflection, jazzy, but still street. a great balance. after this song they began what would become a steady decline into making progressively worse music over the years, embracing every rap cliche that came along in an effort to achieve mainstream success. no such luck. too bad, it was just too much...

ghetto concept - e-z on the motion / hard copy (download)
1994 groove-a-lot / quality records / warlock records

this side
e-z on the motion
1. e-z on the motion
2. e-z on the motion (radio)
3. e-z (instrumental)

produced by da grass rook

that side
hard copy
1. hard copy
2. hard copy (radio)
3. hard copy (acappella)
4. hard copy (instrumental)
produced by ghetto concept

more photos from koln, germany...

this pizza had eggs on it. and peas. yup. eggs. and peas.

sheldon and nadine (thanks for letting me crash).