Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the pruny electric...

listening to the electric prunes today. i love this shit.

forgot to mention the other day, sarah and i ran into my old school homie mista d from the salads, who were in town for some outdoor concert downtown. good stuff. we checked out a few songs, it was great to see those boys again. it's been a while since i used to regularly host their 'salad gold' parties in toronto. (watch video here). d has a baby on the way too, congrats man! we chatted for a minute about working on a track together, and i just emailed him a beat to work with, i'll let you know all know if anything comes of that...

the salads on stage.

sarah and i had to take a few stealth photos of some of the amazing people we saw there. this cat on the right with the double-braided-rat-tails? amazing.

and this dude had one of the greatest mullets i've ever seen. it was halfway down his back. i don't think he had any idea how awesome he was living.

close-up. it's hard to see as he's sitting on his own hair, but you get the idea.

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Mista D said...

Those are fantastic photos dude! Great to see you!
You sent me a track? Where? Can't wait to hear it!
Get at me homey...PEACE.1.D.