Friday, June 1, 2007

ackblay addmay essnay...

two cats from brookly, the pig latin style of rap never really caught on (thank god...), but still, this is a dope track. one good song, but can imagine a whole album of this? they had another 12" after this (i don't have it, i think it's called "brooklyn bandits" or something), but i don't think an album ever materialized. aaaah, those glory days of the 90s when "gimmick-rap" was all the rage. i should do a whole post one day on all the silly, gimmicky, lyrical styles that came and went... there were so many... of course, the most famous is likely das efx and their "diggedy" style. can't forget onyx and the "grimee" style. what about k-solo and his "letterman" style. wow, you can spell, i'm impressed. other lesser-known styles include akinyele and his "say-the-last-word-of-each-line-in-a-low-voice" style. i remember a song nine did with this "ribbit" style where he rapped like a frog. there are many more that i cna't think of offhand, i'm sure. let me know if you think of any...

black maddness - "igpay atinlay / two tears in a bucket" 12" (download)

black maddness - igpay atinlay / two tears in a bucket
1993 select street records

side one
igpay atinlay
1. horny horn mix
2. horny instrumental
3. bonus beats

side two
two tears in a bucket
1. black vocal mix
2. madd instrumental

produced and mixed by audiodisiac and dj nastee
recorded at fibre studios, brooklyn ny
recording engineer: joe mendelson
assistant engineer: rick van benschoten

a&r manager: greg riles
mastered by chris gehringer at hit factory dms
photography: danny clinch
creative director: amy bennick

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