Friday, June 1, 2007

how about lunch with a winner?

what are the chances that i could be digging through some vinyl at a used record store in cologne, germany, and all of a sudden think to myself "i wonder if they have the 12" for "diss you" by king tee?" and then move over to the "K" section and, of all things, there it is...

well, it happened.

(the record got a little fucked up on the way back from europe, so i apologize for a couple of skips at the beginning of the track.)

king tee - "diss you" 12" (download)

king tee - diss you remix maxi-single

side a
1. diss you (club mix)

side b
1. diss you (dissin beat)
2. diss you (lp version)

composed by jagger-richards-king tee
produced by bilal bashir
remixed by king tee & dj pooh

(p) (c) 1990 capitol records

king tee on wikipedia.
king tee on myspace.

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