Friday, June 8, 2007

killer dayton's...

i know absolutely nothing about this 12", but, of course, when you're an old school west coast rap fan like me and you stumble across something with the names dr. dre, easy-e, and bilal bashir on it, you buy it without hesitation. the moral of the story? don't drive alone on killer dayton's...

poetry 'n' motion - killer dayton's (download)
1987, saturn records

poetry 'n' motion
d-rock, d-m-d, d-easy-e

side a
killer dayton's

side b
killer dayton's (instrumental)
killer dayton's (bonus beats)

arranged and produced by dr. dre & dj bilal bashir
dr. dre (sb-1200), dj little rockin' "g" on the 1200's
special thanks to: h.b. jock, h.b. eric, dj bilal bashir, johnny boy, dj weasul, easy e, slice master "k" and all my friends

recorded and mixed at trax studio
los angeles, ca, engr. - mike edwards

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