Thursday, August 27, 2009

OK Cobra Skateboards...

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

delirium tremens...

i've tried to write this bio a couple of times now, and, well, the thing is, I have nothing to say about me, us, our group, or our music. well, that's not entirely true. i have lots to say about it (and a million other things), but i'd rather do it over drinks in the pub than staring at a computer screen, sitting on my friend's couch, up north in the country, in my pajamas, at 3am, the night before the dude at the label is expecting a finished bio in his inbox.

and yes, i know, i use way too many commas...

so anyway, tim and i have (finally) finished enough songs to call them an "album." it's been a long road. three years or so. not that we were working on our stuff that whole time, 'cause we mostly weren't. i don't really know what he was doing for most of that time, but i know what i was doing, and, well, i was doing too much of it.

after we made the last album in montreal, i moved. a few times. (i am so sick of moving.) not living in the same city made it a bit harder for us to make music together. me being a depressed, drunk, ego-driven drug-fucker didn't help much either. but we did some demos back and forth over the internerd, and every now and again when i could scrape up the change i would head up to montreal for a spell and we'd bang on a few drums.

side note: having travelled to montreal by plane, train, bus, motorhome, hitch-hiking, and those sketchy rideshare vans on craigslist, i gotta say, porter airlines is the shit!

so anyway, after a long time of working on demos and both of us not really being focused and thusly not really digging anything we were coming up with, we both kind of lost interest or just got on with other things. tim was working. he has a real job. he works at a university or something, as the sound engineer for the film department (you can hear it in his music, i think, movie-like...). me? i'm not sure what i was doing. travelling. bartending. i fell in love with a few people. i think i was engaged at some point. i quit doing blow a few times. made a couple of weird indie films. drank too much. started a band or three. moved so much i don't even take my stuff out of boxes anymore. partied myself all the way into the realization that i was living in a black hole and it was going to take a lot of work to pull myself out of it.

after a year or so of us barely talking, i called tim earlier this year and said "i'm coming up there in a few weeks. let's get back in the studio." not to get all new-agey on you, but i had been sober for a couple months (okay, a week), had started doing daily yoga, and seeing a shrink. i realized that this music wasn't going to make itself, and i had to get my head clear so we could do the work.

somehow, we both found a new focus, and put together the entire album in about two weeks, scrapping most of our demos and rerecording everything fresh.

then we went out to celebrate and i got really drunk and ran into some old friends...


delirium tremens.