Friday, June 1, 2007

pharm phresh...

the animal pharm - pharmaceuticals (download)

the animal pharm - brink the ep (download)

the animal pharm - brink the ep
1998 goodvibe recordings

this side:
1. the brink (clean & short)
2. the brink (long & dirty)
3. brinkbeat

that side:
1. flylingual
2. fixation pt. ii (acapella ways of watering plants)
3. along the pavement
4. an intro to statik's planet (feat. jaleel on the smoke alarm)
5. people like fritz understand...* (outro)

all songs co-produced by panda and statik for animal pharm productions 1998
except for * produced by micky hotcakes for serious ent.

panda one - demo (download)

plant life - demo (download)

plant life - the return of jack splash (download)
plant life website.

(i snagged the photos and logo from werner.)


Anonymous said...

hi, could u please repost those mp3s ive been trying to find that song for a while now. thank you.

ryan somers said...

what song?

Anonymous said...

The Brink by Animal Pharm. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Please re upload.

ryan somers said...

sorry, i don't re-up things for anonymous posters. but thanks for your interest.