Friday, June 1, 2007

not bitter but better than those that's butter...

i love this song. these guys were some dancers on the scene in the 90s, doing rap videos and shit, and put out this twelve inch. i remember reading a review of it, probably in the source, and then picking it up. i still bump this song on a regular basis. laid back, there's nothing too crazy or original about it, it's just a strong cut, solid beats and rhymes, one of those tracks that just comes together, the sum being greater than the parts...

ten thieves - "it don't matter" 12" (download)

ten thieves - it don't matter
1995 break a dawn records

side one
1. radio mix
2. straight mix
3. instrumental

side two
1. b*a*d mix
2. b*a*d instrumental

(i've only got the a-side posted up here, as the b-side is a big scratch in it and is skipping all over the place. shitty.)

produced by stretch for mop top productions
co-produced by peter paul for theft productions
recorded and mixed at d&d studios, ny
b*a*d mix and engineering joe quinde
mastered by paul shields at vp records
executive producer dave "l.o.v.e." sanguinetti
blouse 'n skirt (bmi)
project coordinator james goring
art direction & design by walter quick jr.
photography by che' williams

original review from the source here.

ten thieves on myspace.
peter paul on myspace.
buddha stretch on myspace.

they had another 12" (that i don't have) called "straight from the slums/black reign." you can get it here.

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