Monday, June 11, 2007

calling london...

this is an open letter from my man drew, who is the producer/host of london calling, london's local entertainment show. (check out the promo, featuring, among others, yours truly...)


Dear Friends,

If you’re reading this, it’s because somewhere along the line you had an impact on London Calling. Representing London’s thriving arts scene is no easy undertaking; it involves a real team effort. Whether you held it down on the boom mic, fell asleep with us in the V.I.P. room at one of many concerts this season, asked for more ‘Taxi-Chat’ in the checkout line at Shopper’s, or ripped on us for pairing Staylefish with the Inuit Art Gallery in episode two (I’ll never live this down) you helped us create a buzz in this our first season.

This momentum has lead to two nominations at this year’s Impression Awards. Every year, a handful of shows on Rogers Television across Canada are nominated for distinction based on their success within a region or city. With your help, London Calling has made quite the impact in its rookie season, capturing two of three London nominations. We’re up for Best Arts & Entertainment Show and Best Promo - yes, the infamous “Zigga-Zigga-Za” commercial courtesy of our boy Bennie Man.

We’re hoping all this ‘buzz’ brings about a bigger and better London Calling in year two. However, the wonderful world of television comes with no guarantees. By sending a quick email to or by calling our viewer response line (519 673 1313) and leaving a message, our chances of returning are instantly improved.

London is too often defined as a one-dimensional ‘party city’. With the support of artists and bands, artsy entrepreneurs and you, London Calling proved why there’s so much more to this incredible city.

Thank you for all your input, advice, optimism and hard work. With any luck, we’ll be back for a progressive and entertaining look at this crazy city we call London.

I know I forgot a ton of people, if you could forward this note on to anyone who was invovled with the project (along with a big fat apology) that would be sweet.


Drew Skitt
Producer, London Calling
Rogers Television
London, ON
519 630 6091

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