Friday, June 1, 2007

rebel soul...

originally coming out as part of the blackwatch movement (x-clan, professor x, queen mother rage, etc.), lin que dropped the rebel soul album under the name "isis." a couple of years later she resurfaced under her real name of lin que, forming a production company with mc lyte, and dropped these two singles in anticipation of a never-released album for columbia records. another couple of years later lin again resurfaced as a member of the put-together wu-tang-affiliated female-supergroup deadly venomz, but left the group shortly after they began (the other four members continuing on without her). she's now back again, and the new sounds pretty freakin' awesome (check out her myspace page for music and info). i did an interview with her a little while ago, which i'll be posting up sooner than later. in the meantime, check out these downloads. if you haven't her this woman rip, you're in for a surprise, she's a killer...

isis - "rebel soul" & "great pimpstress" (from the album rebel soul) (download)

lin que - "this is it / rip it up" 12" (download)

lin que - this is it / rip it up
1993 ruff house / columbia / sony muisc

side one
1. this is it - butcher remix
2. this is it - off da head remix
3. this is it - radio edit

side two
1. rip it up
2. rip it up - instrumental
3. this is it - original version

executive producer: mc lyte
produced by backspin
butcher remix produced by joe "the butcher" nicolo
off da head remix produced by backspin
additional vocals: kink ez

lin que - "let it fall / par ley" 12" (download)

i'm inclined to kick the right rhyme,
so very hardcore,
that you hit the hard floor

if it's hardcore that ya hunt,
then i'm a give ya what ya want...

lin que - let it fall / par ley
1995 elekra entertainment
executive produced by mc lyte for ace entertainment
and "you can ask" for gee off productions

a side
1. let it fall - lp version
2. let it fall - instrumental
3. let if fall - acappella

produced by caspa

b side
1. par ley - lp version
2. par ley - acappella

produced by caspa

lin que on myspace.

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Damn they're down already, I had been looking for a couple of these.