Wednesday, March 28, 2007

listen as he executes...

i don't know much about this cat at all. i remember seeing this video back in the day, and thinking it was a bit strange for dr. dre to be on it, but then again, back in those days, even the most hardcore gangster rappers could turn around and drop a verse on a dance track like it was nothing. either way, it's a pretty catchy song, and i found myself singing along to it all day, "listen as he executes, the funky flute..."

jimmy z (aka jim zavala) and dre did a whole album together. i'd love to hear it, if anybody can hook me up. he's also worked with cats like rod stewart, tom petty, and eurythmics. more info here and here.

Jimmy Z - Funky Flute 12" (download here)
1991, Ruthless/Atlantic
Producer: Dr. Dre

A1 Funky Flute (LP Version) (4:45)
A2 Funky Flute (Megamargo Mix) (6:14)
A3 Funky Flute (Fluteapella) (4:26)
B1 Funky Flute (Remix) (5:18)
B2 Funky Flute (Instrumental) (4:24)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

jumping jack flash is a gas gas gas...

and yes, the rumours are true, i was, indeed, awarded with another jack richardson music award on sunday night...

from the paper... "Hip-hopper Fritz tha Cat offered to share his award with the other nominees in another classy touch from the stage. "I'm a bigger fan of them than I am of myself . . . let's do it for hip-hop in London," said Fritz (Ryan Somers off-stage)."

the audience, from the podium...

bobnoxious, accepting the metal award, that i presented to them along with alicks g. from chrw radio.

myself and dj res, who won the award for best dj (finally!).

james reaney
, london free press columnist, and one of the organizers.

quote of the day 1: "you can't even tell there's an award down my shirt."

quote of the day 2: "look at you; you've got my whole face in your mouth."

kristin sweetland, who performed at the award show. (i also went to public school with her...)

kitty half-tail stay...

i'll put this right next to last year's award (ahem, ahem... [just kidding around]). no chance of a three-peat though, new rules, starting next year, winners are not eligible to be nominated again the following year...

kaiya's cup...

check out this video clip, it's a touching story involving my cousin lee in new jersey, and his wife and daughter...

Friday, March 23, 2007

r.i.p. arthur lee...

if you've been reading my blizzog for a while, you'll know that i've written about arthur lee and love a number of times. i recently told you about the book i've been reading lately, unknown legends of rock 'n roll. well, when i first picked up the book, i flipped it open right to the page on love. i knew right then i had to read the book. anyway, i hadn't known too much about arthur lee, and the book mentioned that he had ended up possibly homeless, and doing jail time. yesterday, i was wondering where he was at these days, so i googled him, only to find that he passed away last summer...

rest in peace brother. thanks for the music.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

not in kansas anymore...

anybody remember "alternative rap?" do any of these names ring a bell... arrested development? digable planets? disposable heroes of hiphoprisy? me phi me? pm dawn? gumbo? justin warfield? new kingdom? the goats?

a movement in journalistic name only, "alternative rap" was the catch-all term for early 90s rap that, ahem, didn't scare white people. a native tongue influence mixed with jazz, reggae, rock & roll, electronic, psychedelic, blues, folk, or anything else for that matter. basically, if it wasn't cali gangsta rap, or east coast boom-bap, and white bohemian college kids were into it, it likely fit the "alternative rap" category.

jazz rap? conscious hip-hop? rock-rap? psychedelic rap? neo soul? underground rap? indie rap?

me, i was listening to all of this stuff, the umc's and too short shared discman time in my life...

anyway, as i keep digging through my stacks, i'll be sharing some of this stuff with you. some you'll have heard of, some you'll have not...

we'll start with this...

- not in kansas anymore (download.)

1. Not in Kansas
2. Introduction
3. Brown Kisses, Pt. 1
4. I Need a Joint
5. Pass the Thought
6. Greener Pastures
7. Brown Kisses, Pt. 2
8. Commercial Break
9. Shouldna Dunnit
10. Split Personality
11. Not the Same
12. Hoes on Tour, Pt. 1
13. Popeye Philosophy
14. Hoes on Tour, Pt. 2
15. Fluffy and Richard
16. Hoes on Tour (Deel Drie)
17. Nite Out on the Town
18. Do You Wanna Fuck (Or What) ?
19. Hoes on Tour, Pt. 4

it's pretty mellow. jazzy, i guess. dude's vocal style is kind of half-rapping half-slurring, sort of a raspy hangover drawl, spoken wordy. he talks a lot about girls, smoking weed, racism, etc. it's a good album.

i'm still looking for their first one, play with toys, if anyone has it...


if you haven't already, check out dj vadim. pretty soon i'll tell you why...


while i sit here and wait for somebody to show up to lock the damn door, i stumbled across this interesting interview with slug...