Friday, June 27, 2008

wild rose d-tox (day two...)

okay, day two. breakfast. oatmeal. nothing else. yup, oatmeal, plain. and green tea.

a couple of pots of green tea at work.

lunch. grilled chicken breast on spinach salad. with egg. and walnuts.

went for a job on the beach after work.

dinner. salmon. carrots. asparagus. bok choy.

no severe side effects so far on day two. i'm a little bit spaced out, moving and thinking a little bit slower than usual, but this could just as easily be from not drinking coffee as it could be from the cleanse. (the green tea helps.) the herbal laxative is working. i've been taking more frequent trips to the bathroom, but nothing too gross or anything. i actually felt pretty good waking up on day two. i felt like i had a good amount of energy, but had to use it more slowly, if that makes any sense...

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