Monday, June 30, 2008

wild rose d-tox (day five...)

chicken breast and hard-boiled egg. late night snack on day four. didn't get a chance to write yesterday. day five as follows... breakfast: soup. some kind of black bean soup. with some veggies in there. dinner: salad. veggies. i didn't use the dressing they gave me. and i picked out the mushrooms (forgot to ask them to leave them out). for breakfast on day five: oatmeal with berries. i had a turkey burger (no bun) and salad for dinner. forgot to get a photo of it. it was good. okay, there we go. symptoms? feeling a little light-headed still. unfocused. slow. could still be the lack of coffee. i don't know. how long does it take to get over a caffeine addiction? i would think it would be a mild addiction. shouldn't take too long to get over it. a few days at most. five days without a cigaratte as well. i almost cracked at the end of my night last night. luckily, i didn't have any cigs on me. i think i would have smoked one. today, i am thankful. a moment of weakness. oh yeah, i think i might have been a bit of a total bastard during the day yesterday. just one of those miserable sods who is no good to anyone. i was doing my grumpy old man thing. of course, at the time, every little gripe i had felt completely justifiable. funny, the perspective offered by a single day. anyway, yeah, i'm considering doing a total fast when i'm done this detox. another 12 days, no food, just water and lemon. considering it. we'll see how i feel. if i make it through today (and i will!) i will be halfway through the wild rose d-tox. i'm still getting used to drinking green tea instead of coffee. i think, over time, i might even grow to prefer it...

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