Saturday, June 28, 2008

wild rose d-tox (day four...)

this is the rest of what i ate yesterday. lunch, a couple hard-boiled eggs, more chopped green onion, a few baby carrots, and some cucumber. with herbs. and water. mmmm.

went for a jog.

dinner. salad. some turkey on there. avocado. egg. lettuce. no dressing. you don't need dressing when you can stab a tomato for each forkload.

late night snack at the bar, chicken breast, and an egg. (maybe i'm eating too many eggs.)

i woke up feeling pretty good on day three, but by the end of the day, i was a wreck. irritable as shit. at one point at work i misplaced my swipe card and started throwing shit around. not like in a rage, just sort of half-pissed/half-joking, but still. my memory was fucking up, forgetting orders instantly. also, my hearing is fucked. i don't think i have the best hearing anyway, but i found myself asking people again and again to repeat themselves, unless i would just walk away saying "i can't understand you." also, i dropped a few glass last night. i don't often drop glasses at work, so this thing is making me clumsy. by the end of the night, i was a wreck. at one point, when i was putting up the barstools, i had to sit for a couple of minutes, as i felt faint and thought i might drop to the floor. that's day THREE. today is day four. we'll see how it goes...

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