Thursday, June 26, 2008

wild rose d-tox (day one...)

this was breakfast yesterday. day one on the twelve-day wild rose d-tox program. you buy the box and get three bottles of pills and a bottle of liquid. twice a day, with a meal, you take two of each pill, and drink water with 30 drops of the liquid in it. the liquid says: CL herbal extract. the three pill bottles say: "biliherb" (bile flow stimulant), cleansaherb, and laxaherb (herbal laxative). they also give you a list of foods they recommend and ones that are banned while doing this detox.

for breakfast, i had three hard-boiled eggs, a can of tuna, with a few slices of cucumber, a couple of baby carrots, and some pieces of green onion.

lots of water throughout the day at work.

for dinner, a piece of trout (fresh, caught in the morning), with asparagus, carrots, bok choy, onions. good times.

later on i had a snack of one chicken breast and one hard-boiled egg.

i'm writing this on the morning of day two, and haven't noticed any effects yet, but we'll see. the literature tells me to expect to experience some or all of the following: "increased bowel activity and urination, mild feelings of nausea, mild headache and other flu-like symptoms, muscle aching, irritability, or an existing condition (such as a skin problem or arthritis) may initially get worse before it gets better."

all i felt yesterday was incrediblty tired and a little bit out-of-it, but i think that had more to do with a few days of lack of sleep, and not having coffee yesterday, the absence of which renders me zombie-like for at least a couple of days on its own.

strange dreams last night. sitting in an apartment somewhat like my former apartment on christie st. in toronto. a bunch of people over, everyone is drinking and hanging out and going outside on the patio to smoke, including this woman ***** who i dated briefly a couple of months ago. in this dream she just showed up and i was kind of surprised but then we instantly were completely getting along and together in a relaxed and comfortable not-worried-about-anything-at-all kind of awesome way... strange.

i feel great not drinking. oh yeah, that's another thing on this. no booze.

more great dreams to come i'm sure. always happens when i'm making a lifestyle transition, adding things, taking things away...

for breakfast today - day two - a cup of green tea and a bowl of oatmeal (no syrup or honey or fruit or jam or anything, just plain oatmeal). it's tolerable, surprisingly...

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