Friday, June 27, 2008

wild rose d-tox (day three...)

day three. i crashed so early last night. had a great sleep, despite the loud music in the bar downstairs waking me up a few times. woke up at seven am, which, for me, is just shy of a miracle. feeling a little slow today. not drinking is nice. i lack the sharpness of mind that coffee brings, but this will change. going back to go forward. green tea is good. i could learn to even like the stuff. got a slight headache, but it's barely noticeable. nausea? not yet. stomach? yeah, the laxative is working. i'm at the artsee cafe now, holding it in, but i'll be making a run home soon i'm sure. oatmeal again. this time with apple slices and some berries. i guess i'm allowed those. just certain fruits i can't have (oranges, melons, tropical fruits). this is also day three of not smoking. lungs feel tight. a little. expect some "flu-like symptoms," they said. maybe tomorrow. we'll see.

i'm off. did a phone interview last night with sol guy from 4real, for zink mag. gotta finish it up and get it to my editor before work tonight...

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