Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the salmon dance...

fatlip fans, you'll be pleased to know he makes a guest appearance on the new chemical brothers album, featured on the song "the salmon dance." (download) a fun little cartoonish song for the kiddies, it's good to hear "jammer d" getting some work. i just found out he played a concert in toronto last year, and apparently, nobody showed up. (well, like 30 people, from what i heard.) crazy. my friend wes showed me a few pictures he took, and yeah, it was EMPTY. crazy. i wish more people liked good rap and went out to see good shows. if people will actually pay money to go to a club to see some idiot like fabulos (sp?) stand around in pressed gear and pretend to perform, why won't they go to see somebody who is actually an MC? i don't get it. dude is dope. and by the looks of the photos i saw, he needs money. badly.

ps. i have to wait another week for the thrills' new album. my local record store won't get it until next tuesday. shitty. i suppose i could download it, or go to one of the chain stores and get it today, but fuck it. think global, buy local, right?

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