Wednesday, July 11, 2007

cadence & cobra...

hey kids. got a few things to tell you about, and not really much time (deadlines, deadlines...), so i'll get right to it.

tim was in town last night. we played a show at the alex. with cadence weapon. it was fun. it's been almost a year since tim and i played a show together. i've been holding down most of the touring/performing duties myself. he came to my crib in the afternoon and we were both a little bit "blah" about performing. just the same ol' songs, you know? i think we're both ready to quit doing shows for a while and just put ourselves in lockdown until we get this new record done. it's been tough, living in different cities, trying to keep motivated. but we had a great conversation, threw a few ideas back and forth, and then, when it actually came down to performance time, it was like "oh yeah, THIS is why we do this shit..." cadence put on a dope show as well. i hadn't seen him before, but i've peeped his album a few times. i'll post up some of the photos when i have time. (shit, that reminds me, i still have a TON of photos from europe that i haven't had a chance to share with you yet. in due time, my friend, in due time...)

on the writing tip, look out for this new little magazine called UR, coming out of toronto, i just did a couple things for their september issue... talib kweli and triple ave. i'll post the q&a's up here, once the stories come out.

just spent a week with sarah at her cottage. it was amazing. i loved the feeling of driving out of the city and turning my phone off. done. no calls. no messages. no internet. no work. nothing. for one week. of course, coming home to magazine deadlines and art deadlines and a show and extra shifts at the bar and all of that is a bit of a mindfuck, but whatever, it was worth it. we canoed. we caught fish. we motorboated. we grilled steak. we swam. we had bonfires. and most important, we relaxed. didn't even have to look at a clock or know what day it was. there's nothing really better...

new website for our booking agency, spherical productions.

props to our homies at wydu for posting up a little something about our song "time flies."

okay, fuck it, i'll take a minute and post some pics from last night...

peter did the drawing on the chalkboard (above) - talented dude!

everton from beatdock saints.

shad. (who i'll be playing with on thrs. july 26th, at rum runner's, opening up for del the funky homosapien.)

my man drew skitt from london calling.

my girl, sarah.

cadence, dj weezil, yours truly, recordface. (small world, weezil shares a flat in edmonton with my homie conspiracy from sbu.)

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travis said...

Man, those guys from WYDU are hosers, pay them no mind.

Hey shoot me an email with a link to that other blog you were doing, I deleted the email before linking it up and of course I can't find it