Monday, July 30, 2007

d-e-l y'all...

a photo from the del show the other night. a good time had by all. it was a little funny, a-plus mentioned on stage the time they played in london ten years ago, when half of the souls of mischief crew didn't get across the border, for whatever reasons. kind of cool to see these cats ten years later. i've been a part of bringing these dudes to london a few times now, over the last decade, and it was cool to see them still having a good time in london, and the audience still into it. a lot of these kids in attendance were ten or twelve years old the first time hieroglyphics came through. crazy to think about. this blogger site is hella slow for uploading photos, so i put the rest of the photos from this night up in an album on facebook. hiero y'all!

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