Thursday, April 26, 2007

the real divine styler...



i'm busy as shit right now getting ready to go to europe in a few days. i doubt i'll be posting any new music until i get back. (can you wait three weeks, people?) my man darren hit me up, asking me to post divine styler's spiral walls... album on here. i was going to wait and do a whole huge post of divine styler stuff, all his albums, singles, compilation songs, guest appearances, remixes, etc., but you know, that's going to wait. for now, i figured i'd hit you with his three albums, a couple singles, and maybe when i get back from europe i'll do up a little "best of divine styler" mixtape or something... for now, this should keep you happy for a bit. oh yeah, i'm doing some shows in germany with dj vadim, and hanging out in germany for a bit, then going to prague for a bit. if you're reading this from europe, or you got any friends over there, hit me up... i'll be looking to connect with like-minded heads, and am still trying to hook up a few more shows, and have some plans in the works to do some recording with some people over there as well. stay tuned, as i'm sure to be posting a bit on here when i can. and, of course, once i get back, i'll have a zillion photos and stories to put up on here...

for my show dates in germany, check out the ok cobra myspace page.

ain't sayin' nothin'/tongue of the labyrinth 12".

word power.

spiral walls containing autums of light.

grey matter (cd single).

wordpower:2:directrix (dtx versions) (i can't find my copy of this right now...)

wordpower:2:directrix (mo' wax version).

word power instrumentals. i need this. anybody have it?

alright, i'm out, got a quick little mini-show at the alex tonight, then just a couple more days to get ready for germany...

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Mista D said...

yeeeeeah! Thanks homie! Have a blast in Europe!
Tell Vadim I'm loving the One Self album. :)