Wednesday, April 11, 2007

aladdin's on a rampage...

dj aladdin.

"What's up, I'm Dj Aladdin a Hustla from Compton's Finest. An adventurous Icon that specializes in entertaining beautiful women. I Love all races of women, horny white girls, freaky Latina women and sexually active black Ebony (black) girls. Get at me!!!!"

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dj aladdin's "behind the scenes" youtube reality show.

here's what i know about dj aladdin... in the late 80s/early 90s he made a name for himself, while still a teenager, as a battle dj. if i'm not mistaken, he won a few new music seminar battles (i remember seeing dope live footage of him doing this awesome behind-the-back-pause technique on muchmusic back in the day. i recorded it, and if i ever find the tape, i'll post it to youtube quickfast...). with two emcees, wc and mc zero, he formed a group called low profile, and dropped a song on ice-t's rhyme syndicate comin' through album. zero left the group to go to art school, so wc and aladdin continued on as low profile, dropping the wicked album we're in this together on priority records. after that, they broke up. wc went on to form wc & the maad circle (working with ice cube, sir jinx, and the lench mob) with his little brother dj crazy toones, and his former low pro hypeman coolio (yes, that coolio), and then, of course formed the westside connection with ice cube and mack 10, while also dropping a few less-than-amazing solo albums, some of which had some pretty good moments. aladdin stayed tight with the rhyme syndicate, producing on ice-t's o.g. original gangster and home invasion albums, while also doing a few of his own projects. i've got two twelve inches of his. one, a solo slice called "masterplan," from 1993, and the other, introducing a group called "the paperchaser$," from i-don't-know-when-as-there-is-no-date-on-it-but-i'm-guessing-mid-to-late-90s. i also remember seeing a magazine ad in 4080 magazine for a dj aladdin album under the name "pimpadelic," if my memory is correct, but i've never been able to find this album, so i don't know if it ever came out, or if it was any good or not...

aladdin - masterplan
1993 players convention records

i'm not sure where i found this one. probably in a dollar bin somewhere. i'm not sure who's rapping on this. it doesn't mention any other names on the cover, so i'm thinking it might be aladdin himself... "masterplan" is a pretty forgetful song, but the b-side, "player's convention," is a little more entertaining, a fast-paced storytelling song about hitting the convention and - of course - winning first prize. overall, it's not the best single in the world (especially for 1993, it sounds a bit dated) but, for a syndicate fan like me, it's one i'm happy to have in my collection, and one i'm happy to share with you...

ammo side:

1. masterplan - hustla version
2. masterplan - hustlamental

dump side:

1. masterplan - playa version
2. masterplan - playamental
3. players convention

produced by aladdin / alley cat for ammo dump productions

all songs recorded & mixed at: ammo dump studios
mixed & engineered by: aladdin & fred for ammo dump productions
mastered by: tom baker at future disk
published by ammo dump music (ascap)/wb music corp.
all songs written & arranged by aladdin for ammo dump productions
bass player: charlie mack for unmistakable productions
management: rhyme syndicate management
cover design: see !
photography by: salomon

manufactured & distributed by players convention records

(p) & (c) 1993 players convention records

dj aladdin presents the paperchaser$
from the lp "street scholars"
flip it records

i can't remember where or when i found this one either, but, of course, i bought it as soon as i saw it, sound unheard... i'm not sure who the emcees are on these tracks, or if the album street scholars ever came out or not. the first track is kind of whatever. the second track, though, will get in your head for a while. a real laid back beat with mellow guitar licks, and a sung chorus: "hatas, hatas, hataaaaaasssss... for you, i do the things i do (you want me to fall, that's why i'm gon' ball)" and some "oooh oooh oooh" business in the background. the emcees maybe aren't the greatest, but you'll be walking around singing the hook all day. as for the third track, well, yeah, really, the second one is the only one you're going to want to hear on here....

side a
1. paperchasin (clean street mix)
2. hatas (clean street mix)
3. cash before pleasure (clean street mix)

publishing by still flipin music/ascap, ammo dump music/ascap
executive producer: dj aladdin
co-execturive producer: dorrell walker
to order:
produced by dj aladdin for ammo dump productions

side b
1. paperchasin (instrumental)
2. hatas (instrumental)
3. cash before pleasure (instrumental)

low profile - think you can hang (from the rhyme syndicate comin' through album)

low profile - we're in this together

some video clips of aladdin, doing his battle dj thing, back in the day...

dj aladdin throwback.
dj aladdin - dmc 1989 us finals routine.
dj aladdin - dmc 1989 la.


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