Tuesday, April 3, 2007

listen to my drummer...

the 7a3. other than their song "mad mad world" from the colors soundtrack, you've probably never heard of these guys. neither had i when i bought their album on a whim back in the day. i think it might have been the first CD i ever owned - before that i was buying cassettes.

originally from brooklyn, brothers sean b. and brett b. landed out in cali, hooked up with dj mixmaster muggs, and formed the 7a3. a few singles, one pretty damn good album, and they pretty much disappeared...

well, two of them did. muggs, of course, went on to fame as the producer/dj for cypress hill and the soul assasins crew (house of pain, funkdoobiest, whooliganz, etc.) not sure what happened to the other dudes...

anway, here are two of their 12 inches...

(click here to download them both.)

the 7a3 - party time!

party side
party time! (city mix)*
party time! (beach mix)
party time! (instrumental mix)*

produced by johnny rivers and vendetta
co-produced by brad bailey and pat regan
*remixed by joe "the butcher" at studio 4 in philadelphia

reality side
why? (instrumental mix)
produced by johnny rivers and linda never
engineered by brad bailey and pat regan
mixed by brad bailey, pat regan and vendetta

executive producers: jeff fenster and mio vukovic
photography: glen e. friedman
legal knowledge: jeffrey light

in the city of angels, lots of killing jumping off
gangs of two colors will suffer the loss
mothers are crying, young brothers are dying
over red and blue rags that the stores are supplying

1988 geffen records

the 7a3 - drums of steel

side one
drums of steel (12" mix)*
drums of steel (radio edit)*
drums of steel (bonus beats)*

side two
a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do (radio version)
drums of steel (instrumental)

produced by joe "the butcher" nicolo
*remixed by joe "the butcher" nicolo
executive producers: jeff fenster & mio vukovic

original versions available on the geffen album coolin' in cali
available on lp, cassette & compact disc

photography: nechelle wong
pastel by joan van der sloan

1989 geffen records

i'll put the album up here eventually. it's pretty dope. some mild-mannered party rap, mostly, but not too cornball.

also, i'm looking for this...

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Rapsta said...

Hey can you put up another link for the 7A3 - Party Time/Reality 12". I also can give you a link to their album goes like dis if your still looking for it.