Wednesday, May 30, 2007

unindie listening...

out for a coffee this morning and i picked up a copy of the toronto star. flipping through, came across john sakamoto's anti-hit list (a regular article, where, he basically just lists off ten tracks to check out, usually obscure online things, mash-ups, etc.). number 3 on his current list caught my eye:

atmosphere vs. of montreal "they call it a pun"

in john's words: "a striking example of a rarely heard hybrid - hip-hop and indie - this mash-up pairs the minneapolis rap duo's killer b-side, "they call it," with "cato as a pun," a track from the latter's acclaimed hissing fauna album. if that isn't enough to convince you of the viability of the combination, there's now an entire website devoted to unifying the two genres, of which this is just one of many convincing examples. (

i checked out the site. looks like some interesting things happening on there.

in the spirit of hip-hop meets indie-rock, i thought i'd share this little mixtape with you...

aye jay & matt loomis - unindie listening

remember dj z-trip's uneasy listening? of course you do. as far as i can tell, homeboy basically started this shit. well, think of this as the indie-rock version of that. dead prez rapping over sonic youth? yup. that's what i'm talking about...

oh yeah, one of the dudes behind this mixtape, aye jay, is also responsible for the super-dope gangsta rap coloring book, which came out a few years back. i got a mesh-cap with the notorious b.i.g. drawing on it. dope shit, thanks cat.

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