Tuesday, May 29, 2007

syndicate sniper...


i first heard donald-d on a couple of guest appearances he made on ice-t albums. the "syndicate sniper" seemed like ice-t's right-hand-man, the rhyme syndicate's second-in-command, who went on to release two solo albums in the early 90s, then, like oh-so-many-others of his day, seemingly disappeared. well, not really, it turns out. the man is (i think) living in italy right now (at least he was the last time i spoke with him, which was a couple years back), working with some electronic artists, and in 2005 release a new solo project. check out his myspace page, he's got links to some other artists he's involved with, as well as a page for his classic rap group, "the b-boys." (remember "rock the house?" if not, let me know, i'll post it.) i remember seeing this cat rock it with ice-t and the syndicate on a tour stop in london, canada, back in, i think, 1991. (it was right around the time ice's "o.g." album was coming out.) if you haven't heard this cat, do yourself a favor and check him out...


donald-d - notorious (download)

donald-d - let the horns blow (download)

check out this interview at ukhh.com.

"notorious" video.
"f.b.i." video.
"the rhythm" video (w/ everlast and ice-t).
"what ya wanna do?" video (w/ ice-t & the rhyme syndicate).

does anybody have this?

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