Friday, May 25, 2007

another flying dream...

(photo from here.)

this is my third flying dream that i can remember.

(remember the one where i turned into a bird above those cliffs? or the one where i was walking around the city "hover-jumping" along the sidewalks?)

i'm at a house with some people. ***** is there. some members of my family. others. we are at a house i used to live in, on huron st., in london, near wellington st. prior to the beginning of this dream, humans have been contacted by aliens. three humans have been selected to enter an alien spacecraft to go "meet" the aliens. (it's kinda like that movie contact, if you've seen it [dope movie, on of my faves, you should see it].) i am one of the three. i leave the group. they are sad/worried to see me go. what is going to happen? nobody knows. it will be dangerous. i walk down the street by myself, in an astronaut suit. i arrive at the launch site (which is - and this will be familiar only to those who have lived in london, ontario - the ambulance ramp at st. joseph's hospital). i walk up the ramp to the spacecraft. it's an ambulance. a van, you know. the other two astronauts are inside. there are all these people around. government people. space agency people. i'm supposed to get into the spaceship. i think about ***** and decide i don't want to get in. i say "is it too late?" somebody says, "no, it's not too late," so i leave. i walk back down the ramp. the countdown starts without me. i feel that something is about to happen. i have to get back to *****. i cross the street, wehre there is a park, there are people all around, spectators for the launch. i don't have the astronaut suit on now. i start running along the park to circle around back of the hospital to make my way back to where ***** is. i hear them counting down. 4. 3. 2. 1. i am running. there is a boom. a shockwave spreads out in a circle from the launchpad. it is clear, but visible. like a vibration in the air. it hits me. i am lifted up, about 20 feet off the ground. peripherally, i can see other people lifted up, all around me. everybody is about 20 feet off the ground, suspended for a half second or a second, and then, all at once, we all lean forward and start to fly in the same direction. it's beautiful. i am flying over a street, figuring out how to steer, how to control it. i look all around me, hundreds of people, all flying in the same direction. i think about *****. i have to find her. i work on my steering, and i think that where they all were, they are now flying now, in the same direction as everyone else, so i can circle back and intercept her. i turn left and begin flying down a side street, i am low, to avoid all the people flying above me, so i don't crash into any of them. i will fly to the end of the street, then i will fly up to above the trees, and see if i can see her. i am woken up. she is sitting beside me.


nat said...

dunno who maDE this. don't know the whos what's whens wheres or hows. dn't want to know the hos. just know its good. keep it . miss you guys. the special olympics are coming and ive been training hard. going to get that gold. i rule and i drool.

Anonymous said...

ryan was so excited when he woke up from this dream!

ps. i give you full permission to use my name freely!! haha.
sarah (aka *****)