Thursday, March 22, 2007

not in kansas anymore...

anybody remember "alternative rap?" do any of these names ring a bell... arrested development? digable planets? disposable heroes of hiphoprisy? me phi me? pm dawn? gumbo? justin warfield? new kingdom? the goats?

a movement in journalistic name only, "alternative rap" was the catch-all term for early 90s rap that, ahem, didn't scare white people. a native tongue influence mixed with jazz, reggae, rock & roll, electronic, psychedelic, blues, folk, or anything else for that matter. basically, if it wasn't cali gangsta rap, or east coast boom-bap, and white bohemian college kids were into it, it likely fit the "alternative rap" category.

jazz rap? conscious hip-hop? rock-rap? psychedelic rap? neo soul? underground rap? indie rap?

me, i was listening to all of this stuff, the umc's and too short shared discman time in my life...

anyway, as i keep digging through my stacks, i'll be sharing some of this stuff with you. some you'll have heard of, some you'll have not...

we'll start with this...

- not in kansas anymore (download.)

1. Not in Kansas
2. Introduction
3. Brown Kisses, Pt. 1
4. I Need a Joint
5. Pass the Thought
6. Greener Pastures
7. Brown Kisses, Pt. 2
8. Commercial Break
9. Shouldna Dunnit
10. Split Personality
11. Not the Same
12. Hoes on Tour, Pt. 1
13. Popeye Philosophy
14. Hoes on Tour, Pt. 2
15. Fluffy and Richard
16. Hoes on Tour (Deel Drie)
17. Nite Out on the Town
18. Do You Wanna Fuck (Or What) ?
19. Hoes on Tour, Pt. 4

it's pretty mellow. jazzy, i guess. dude's vocal style is kind of half-rapping half-slurring, sort of a raspy hangover drawl, spoken wordy. he talks a lot about girls, smoking weed, racism, etc. it's a good album.

i'm still looking for their first one, play with toys, if anyone has it...


Mista D said...

yeeeeeeah dude! Thanks Ry!
Check my music blog out sometime:

Geoffrey said...

Dude, can you re-up this Basehead? Oh, and Play With Toys can be found at

Kevin said...

Any chance you'll post this Basehead album again? If you need the first album, I'll be happy to send you a lossless rip!

ryan somers said...

i can post this again.

ps. what does "lossless rip" mean?

ryan somers said...

i don't have it on my computer right now, but i found this online:


and ps. don't worry asbout 'play with toys,' i've got it now. thanks!