Friday, March 16, 2007

big 12 inch...

i haven't put up any music in a while.
i just got a new toy, so i thought i'd start again, as i'll be slowly digitizing my vinyl collection (this is going to take years, but will be fun for you and me.)

first up, something i found recently for a dollar, had never heard of, but bought on a whim. (my whole life, whenever at a used book/record store, flea market, garage sale, etc., when i find old, cheap, rap records, i always buy 'em, even if i haven't heard of 'em, as i always find one or two gems amongst the garbage, making it worthwhile...)

anyway, i picked this up, and it's been sitting around for a while, and i finally picked it up the other day and looked at the back and was like "holy shit, TED NUGENT plays guitar on this?!" then i listened to it, and not only does ted nugent play guitar on it, he, uh, well, i guess he sort of "raps" on the song too. weird.

(incidentally, somebody told me the other day that you can pay $4,000 to go on bow-hunting vacation on the nuge's property. not sure if this is true or not, but wow...)

okay, here it is...

the don - big 12 inch (click here to download.)

1. lp version
2. instrumental
3. extended mix*

produced by daniel shulman
recorded at sigma sound studios, nyc by don peterkosky and mike scalione
mixed at aire la studios, glendale, ca by david koenig
guitar solos by ted nugent
sexy female vocals by susan campbell
*andrea straub on guitar
mastered by howie weinberg at masterdisk, nyc
ted nugent appears courtesy of atlantic recording corp.
from the ral/columbia release: wake up the party 47128
art direction: the drawing board
photography: markus morianz
(c) 1991 rush associated labels / columbia

you have to hear this. the nuge rapping. it's crazy.

okay, i was curious, so i checked nugent's website, and yes, apparently, you CAN go hunting with him if you're so inclined. i think he has his own reality show now too (but don't we all?).

i'm not familiar with any of ted's solo works, but i am a fan of the few songs i've heard of one of his early bands, the amboy dukes. let me know if you're curious, and i'll post up a song or two for you to check out...

(also, now that i'm digitizing my vinyl collection, feel free to make requests...)

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Anonymous said...

Hey fritz ....can you reup this and send me an email...really wanna hear it...

nugent rapping? what the

its tim btw