Wednesday, March 28, 2007

listen as he executes...

i don't know much about this cat at all. i remember seeing this video back in the day, and thinking it was a bit strange for dr. dre to be on it, but then again, back in those days, even the most hardcore gangster rappers could turn around and drop a verse on a dance track like it was nothing. either way, it's a pretty catchy song, and i found myself singing along to it all day, "listen as he executes, the funky flute..."

jimmy z (aka jim zavala) and dre did a whole album together. i'd love to hear it, if anybody can hook me up. he's also worked with cats like rod stewart, tom petty, and eurythmics. more info here and here.

Jimmy Z - Funky Flute 12" (download here)
1991, Ruthless/Atlantic
Producer: Dr. Dre

A1 Funky Flute (LP Version) (4:45)
A2 Funky Flute (Megamargo Mix) (6:14)
A3 Funky Flute (Fluteapella) (4:26)
B1 Funky Flute (Remix) (5:18)
B2 Funky Flute (Instrumental) (4:24)

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