Tuesday, April 21, 2009

today is the first day...

of the rest of my life.

sure, just like every other day. but no, it has to be. do you hear me? it HAS to be.

an open letter to myself:


quit fucking around and get your shit together. those cigarettes are going to KILL you. those chicken wings are going to KILL you. that third beer - the one that leads to the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventeenth ones - is going to KILL you.

make the commitment, to yourself, and share it with your friends. open yourself to the universe, and the people in it. to LOVE. compassion. discipline. commitment.

you are so much more than you are currently allowing yourself to be. and frankly, it makes yourself sick.



it's starts NOW... it starts NOW... it starts NOW... it starts NOW...

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