Tuesday, April 7, 2009


i haven't been writing on here much lately. i can't really say i've been doing all that much at all, really. just working, and sleeping. sleeping lots. and watching lots of movies. TONS of movies. i've probably watched about 200 movies over the last four months. city of ghosts. apocalypse now. best in show. the last samurai. w. dogma. garden state. blow. sideways. rescue dawn. eyes wide shut. parenthood. sheepshit.

(thought i'd throw that one in there...)

(i'm not gonna lie to you, it was a bit of an exciting moment for me, when sean emailed me that link... "dude, we're on IMDB...")


(hopefully more to come on that front...)

so yeah, what's been happening?

well, i'm back in toronto.

but you probably knew that already. it's been a while. i can't really remember what i've told you and what i haven't gotten around to telling you yet.

working at a bar. it's called the *****. come by and say hello sometime.

i started doing yoga. did 30 days straight. it was amazing. i haven't been in a week or so. i gotta get back to it. been sick this whole week. stomach cramps. haven't been able to sleep. nausea. spent about three days straight in the bathroom.

i went to montreal a month or so. finished recording all my vocals for the new OK COBRA album. it's going to be called ***** *****. i should have more info for you soon. timbo's working on the mixes. should have a rough mix of the album in a month or so. then we just gotta spit-polish a few things and send it off.

i'll fill you in as i find out what's going on.

can't believe it's been three years since we put out the last album. feels like yesterday. feels like 100 years ago.

i'm excited to get some new music out there.

got some other projects in the works now too. more on that later.

for now? well, trying to stay committed to making a few changes. "lifestyle overhaul" sort of thing. staying away from the drugs. barely drinking these days. quitting smoking (it's a process, working in a bar makes it tough). yoga. hitting the gym. walks/jogs along the lake path.

i hope you're doing well.

want to hear a sneak preview of a new demo we're working on?

let me know, maybe i'll post something up here...

take care of yourselves,
it's a big world out there,
i just want to swim in as much of it as i can...

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