Thursday, May 15, 2008

everybody knows...

new video from n*e*r*d. i dig the song. but then again, i knew i would before i heard it, based on how much i love their first two albums. still, i have a bit of a problem with this current paparazzi polaroid-scene coked-out cobrasnake trend...

i guess this is the perfect bridge between the tuned-up and tight-panted hipster moron set and the snow-blowing clipse-inspired tony-montana wannabe rap idiots. clever lyrics, but still, do we really need to be making this shit seem cool?

what do you think?

everybody nose (mp3).
everybody nose remix (mp3).

ps. somebody oughta do a mash-up with mr. cohen (mp3).

1 comment:

Paul said...

Yeah you shouldn't glamorize drug use. Sometimes I wonder If I would have ever tried them if all my musical idols weren't constantly glamorizing and writing about them ( i.e skinny puppy , ministry )