Thursday, November 22, 2007

mastery, mystery, misery...

check this out:

then, check this out:

notice any similarity? yeah, i know, i know. a friend of mine send me this link. "dude, some dude on that white rapper show used the same sample as you guys..." well, if i do say so myself, recordface flipped that sample WAY better than those cats. and, uh, i don't really know much about this john brown dude, i guess his claim to fame is being on a reality tv show, but, uh, this song is kind of weak. "i wear skate shoes but i don't skate board," and lines like that, it's like of like, "dude, WHY are you rapping?" sorry, i get a little annoyed at unoriginal people with absolutely nothing significant to say. to me, art only has worth when it demonstrates at least one of two things: 1. originality/creativity, and 2. significance. basically, you either have to be saying something meaningful, or simply blowing minds with your talent. this dude does neither. then again, what can anyone expect? not that i have anything against this guy personally. i've never met him. and aside from the odd little clip or two, i've never watched his reality show, so i have no idea. but, uh, this song is horrible, and simply demonstrates to me the overall weakness of 99% of the rap music being made right now. boring, ready-made, cliched, non-stylized, unoriginal lyrics over weak attempts at mainstream commercial, dance, club beats.

maybe i'm just being bitchy because i'm on day two of the master cleanse, and i'm getting a little irritable due to a lack of coffee and food. let me know if you've done it before. i've gotten some advice from a few people. i've made a couple of attempts in the past, but always broke on the second or third day. from what i keep being told, the first three days are the toughest, and then it gets easier. here's hoping.

got a few shows coming up in december...

fri. dec. 7 w/ the salads @ the salt lounge, london.
thr. dec. 13 w/ dj moves @ the wick, london.
wed. dec. 19 w/ square root of margaret, two minute miracles, lindy @ casbah, hamilton.
sat. dec. 22 w/ toolshed and dj bnutz @ pandemic, london.

more info to come.

had a blast opening up for dj vadim, abstract rude, and yarah bravo a couple weeks back. here are some photos i stole from my homegirl adrienne...

new music time...

heltah skeltah - getcha team feat. buckShot. download.

jeff spec - the rain song. download.

jeff spec - touch your soul. download.

tone loc - wild thing (peaches remix). download.

the thrills - mystery. download.

that's for now. i'm hungry. fuck. really hungry. it's weird, it's not like i haven't gone a day without eating before. you just get busy, caught up in what you're doing, and forget. but when you're doing it on purpose, well, that's a whole other bag of beans, ain't it? mmm, beans. shit. i can't smoke either, fuck. or coffee. damn. wish me luck, and listen to that thrills song...

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