Friday, September 14, 2007

poverty's paradise...

-i'm two weeks off from working now. enjoying my retirement. quickly running out of money. even thought i'm living on only one meal a day (a piece of chicken or a can of tuna, mixed with salad, and a few carrots), i'm going to be dead-broke in a matter of weeks. what the hell am i thinking? hey man, why don't you quit your job so you can focus on recording a new album? got any money saved? nope. idiot. fuck it. donations of food, alcohol, cigarettes and rent money can me made to the "help ryan finish his fucking album foundation," c/o me, contact info: ryansomers at gmail dot com.

-got some new posts up on living underwater: frankenstein, the grassroots, rap essentials volume one, and more...

-wendy morgan.

-has anybody seen this man? shit, someone should start a magazine or something and track him down...


-can somebody tell me why it is that woman are about ten times more likely to complain about something in a restaurant than men are? seriously, i'll go out with a bunch of guys and the waiter or waitress might fuck up our order or forget something or the food might not be made right, but we don't really trip. unless it's a big deal, most of the time we won't even send it back, we'll just be like "whatever..." and eat it anyway, laugh it off. but woman will be like "she put ice in my water, i said no ice!" and get really bent out of shape about it. now, me, i always order my water without ice. i'd say about 50% of the time they give me ice in my water anyway. you know what i do, i wait. it melts. i don't know, i'm just curious. obviously this is a generalization i'm making, but it's based on real-world observation. i'm sitting here in a coffee shop right now listening to these two women at the table nexts to me trading restaurant "horror-stories." and most of the shit they're talking about isn't even that bad. "they forgot to put bacon bits in my salad, so i sent it back." are you serious? relax. "we waited half an hour for our food!" you know what, shit happens, and if a restaurant fills up and you're among the last few tables to order, guess what happens, you wait for your food. watch the movie waiting for a perfect example of what i'm talking about. rule #1: don't FUCK with people who handle your food.

-i'm on a diet.

-dj good grief.

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