Thursday, September 13, 2007

ain't nobody...

in toronto last week, i popped into sonic boom on bloor st., specifically looking for the album one step ahead of the spider by mc 900 ft. jesus. a few years back, i picked up a copy there - long since lost - and they had about 5 of 'em, so i thought they still might have it. no dice. (christopher, i want my CD back!) i rolled downstairs to check out the vinyl, and came across a record by nobody. "oh yeah," i thought to myself, "i wonder what else they might have of his...," as he's one of my favorite producers of all time. the man makes the music i hear in my head. and everything else...? i've been looking for this one for a while. check. revisions revisited? check. and what's this...? tree colored see? i've never even heard of this one... check. picked up all three. and now my collection is complete. if you haven't heard this cat, it would mean a lot to me if you'd check out some of his music. i'm going to throw a few links below to download some stuff, but, seriously, if you like it, please buy one of 'em. i have bought ALL of these. every single one. and i will buy more. his next project is called blank blue, and i will buy that when it comes out. i hope i get to do some work with this cat one day...
nobody - soulmates (ubiquity, 2000)
track list:
1. prologue
2. for those who never dream
3. leading to the one
4. fiend of the fix (feat. medusa)
5. sun child
6. outbreak (extended solo version)
7. monotone
8. land loop
9. shades of orange (feat. 2mex)
10. noziroh
11. green means
12. sixth sense
13. planets ain't aligned (feat. freestyle fellowship) (oscillations version)
14. syde tryps
15. tone therapy
16. inner eye (feat. abstract rude)
17. epilogue
18. faces of the deep
nobody - pacific drift (ubiqity, 2003)
track list:
1. coming up to the surface
2. white folding slowly (into blue remix)
3. the beaches of neptune
4. porpoise song
5. interlude 1
6. after the summer hits
7. psilo-cycling (trip 'round the block)
8. images of april
9. interlude 2 / sioux's rain part III (insect trust dub)
10. what fall brings
12. this will be our year
13. electro-acoustic
14. headspace
15. i won't hurt you
16. going under...
nobody - and everything else... (plug research, 2005)
track list:
1. the coast is clear (for fireworks)
2. what is the light?
3. spin the bright sun rose
4. go go interlude go
5. poor angular fellow
6. tilijem's forrest
7. you can know her
8. jose de la rues!!!
9. con un relampago
10. wake up and smell the millennium
11. tori oshi
12. siesta con susana
nobody - revisions: the remixes 2000-2005 (plug research, 2006)
track list:
1. ill suono - moment of sympathy
2. pepe california - guadalupe
3. busdriver - unemployed black astronaut
4. her space holiday - from south caroline
5. mia doi todd - autumn
6. the free design - girl's alone
7. the postal service - be still my heart
8. clearlake - good clean fun
9. build an ark - always there
10. clue to kalo - when tommy fixes fights
11. presto - relax your mind
12. adventure time - whetting whistles
13. phil ranelin - vibes from the tribe
nobody & mystic chords of memory - tree colored see (mush, 2006)
track list:
1. the seed
2. decisions, decisions
3. broaden a new sound
4. coyote's song (when you hear it too)
5. memory
6. klaw prints
7. walk in the after light
8. when the end meets the beginning
9. feet upon the sand
10. softer sail
11. floating

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z said...

I've heard "Tilijem's forrest" on CliqHop ( and maaaaaaaaaaan you're right, Nobody knows how to make it sound good.