Tuesday, June 9, 2009

whatever happend to the jbeez...

i'm leaving toronto in three weeks.

going up north to tobermory for july and august. should be nice.
i'll be the guy sitting out on the lake in a canoe with an acoustic guitar that i don't know how to play, a rice hat, and a lava lamp.

day 15 of my yoga 30-day challenge. was going really well, but i either pinched or pulled something and now the entire part of my body from my lower back to my left knee is just one bit throbbing zone of hurt.


going to see my shrink tonight. that's been going pretty well, i think.

i do love this whole "not working" thing. i wish it could last forever. fuck wishing, i'm going to make it last forever.

new 'ok cobra' album almost done. tim sent me a couple more mixes. i like it. wish i could post up here but i think he'd get pissed at me. (i'll probably do it soon anyway...)

booking a cross-canada tour in september with the boys from 'toolshed'.

what else can i tell you? i don't know.

taking another stab at this 'master cleanse' thing. wish me luck.

it's not easy. i quit drinking coffee 6 days ago and i couldn't stay awake for the first few days. i had no caffeine had that big an effect on me/people. crazy. three days of being half-asleep, half-awake, can't stay asleep, can't stay awake.


okay, i'm off, gotta work on this new song i'm doing with some dude in turkey...

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