Monday, December 29, 2008

happy heineken...

i don't recall ever being much a new-years-resolution type of person. i maybe had the odd idea of something i wanted to do, but i doubt i ever wrote it down. for some reason, with this year closing in on its end, i've been making a little mental list for the last week or two. what do i want to achieve? who do i want to be? what have i been doing wrong? so, i decided to write it out. a few things i'd like to take care of in 2009. on my way, from misery to happiness. uh huh, uh huh...

1. become a vegetarian. maybe. not sure about this one. i'm considering it. we'll see.
2. yoga. every day. seriously. namaste.
3. write more. make more art. fuck, this is my resolution on a weekly basis. seriously ryan, pick up that fucking pen you fuck. (and act. this things scares me the most. therefore, i gotta do it.)
4. drink less. or just switch from beer to red wine. and avoid whisky. at all costs. unless it's in front of you. but seriously, can i maybe go a month and see how i feel?
5. give something to the world. volunteer. help an old lady carry her groceries. care about something more than my own little whims and yens. be like wu-tang, for the children.
6. chip away at my debt. there's an unpaid student loan out there somewhere with my name on it. ready. aim. fire. fuck.
7. learn. read books. maybe take some classes. french? archery? history? literature? just get that brain working out. magazine articles don't count.
8. quit smoking. for real this time. i cry myself to sleep at least once a week over this addiction. allen carr, if you're up there, help me out man! (third time's the charm, right?)
9. quit coffee. again. green tea, here we come! anti-oxidants! yay!
10. travel more. in the last year and a half i've gone to germany, czech republic, france, and switzerland. this year, i've got my sights set on the uk, dubai, and vietnam and cambodia.

okay, that's what i got so far. we'll see how i do. what have you got going on?


Shane Alexander said...

yo ryan. i gotta agree with you with most of these. i've been on the green tea for a few months now. since the last time i had a bad cold. two cups a day at work. hardly have coffee anymore. i think the first one in months was on christmas day after dinner.

smoking thing? sure. do it. got the same book. read it twice. i went two months. back at it. this year, though. for sure.

drinking. went 97 days. thinking of doing it again.

writing more. yes. painting more. for sure..

you inspire you, homie. and yeah. thinking of helping out more, too.
i always liked war child and what they're doing.

good luck.

peter said...

hey dude i quite smoking cold turkey but i pushed it past the limit and felt like i had no choice and haven't smoked in over a year now. have no desire too. drinking, that's another thing though. that and coffee. one vice at a time homie.