Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the poppy family...

"In the late summer of 1969 the Canadian record buying public chose to endorse The Poppy Family by establishing `Which Way You Goin' Billy?' as the biggest Canadian hit ever. `Billy' successfully climbed to the No.1 spot on all radio stations across Canada. Having watched The Poppy Family from Vancouver, British Columbia, evolve as a recording group has been a satisfying and rewarding experience. The constant creative growth, both musically and lyrically, within the group is evident in the album `Which way you goin' Billy?'. The versatility of the group, from Terry Jacks' meaningfull writing, to his wife Susan's beautiful and emotion packed voice allow them to explore avenues of musical expression hitherto uncharted. All the while The Poppy Family retain their own sound so unique to themselves". (Fraser Jamieson, President London Records, Canada - Nov 17th 1969).


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