Thursday, October 9, 2008

hey mister, spare some heart...?

well, i blogged about it yesterday, and shot my man ebanks a little email to let him know...

he fired me back one that looked a bit like this...

"wow!! dude you rock! thank you for the big-up / support! dude when you reach back to t.o! holla 1.

j e
416 ***.****

PS. there a link to ski's performance at manifesto 2k8.
i didn't have my camera =, but my homeboy recorded it for moi...


so yeah man, glad you got it - and i'm gonna peep that link, - always wanna show the love when i can, and, like i said, living out here in the sticks, if it wasn't for getting emails from cats like yourself, i really would have no idea what the fuck was going in this music world that i seem to have abandoned not so long ago... [maybe i can find my way back in when i get back? we'll see about that...]

apparently my man jon jon also stumbled across that little blogbit, and hit me with a quick little what's happening...

"wat it do Fritz?, yup yup Spare Hearts!


so, ebanks is down with it, jon jon is down with it, and you know i'm down with it, so, i guess at this point, if you're not already down with it, you have no choice left but to slide down the page to that last post, find the download links, and get yourself down with it...

cool? we done for tonight?

yeah. we're done.

[until somebody slides me that link for the album...]

[i already told you, i got it on hold at the record store, i'm gonna buy that shit, but i wanna HEAR it NOW...]


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