Wednesday, January 6, 2010

farah fawcett dream... says: (12:25:34 AM)
dude. says: (12:25:38 AM)
you were in my dream last night. says: (12:25:44 AM)
it was weeeeeiiiirrrrrrrd. says: (12:25:59 AM)
you were in a room with me and farah fawcett. says: (12:26:03 AM)
the two of you had gone on a date. says: (12:26:06 AM)
and i also liked her. says: (12:26:13 AM)
apparently, your first date didn't go so well. says: (12:26:21 AM)
but you asked her out again and she said yes. says: (12:26:46 AM)
and teh two of you were talking, her sitting on the floor, you, crouched down in front of her, holding her hands. says: (12:26:54 AM)
i was standing, in the doorway. says: (12:27:16 AM)
i was kind of sad, cuz i liked her, but also kind of happy for you, cuz i could tell that you two liked each other.