Tuesday, October 13, 2009

drowning dream...

(painting from here.)

i'm in an airplane. small one. maybe two other people in it. we're flying over water. i'm a passenger. the pilots are using their plane to fish, somehow. like, dropping nets from the planet that are dragged through the water. for some reason, i decide i want to jump out. so i dive out of the plane, and go DEEP underwater. i'm under for a long time. when i come up, the plane is farther away in the sky. i am treading water. waving at the plane. they either can't find me, or aren't looking. i'm not sure which. i'm surrounded by wtaer on all sides. no land. then i spot what looks like an island. i swim towards it. get on land. it looks like it used to be inhabited. empty buildings. abandoned cars. etc. suddenly i hear/see a car coming. i hide and watch a jeep-like vehicle approach me. no roof. two people in the front. i stand up. they see me. i either realize or am told that this is not an island, but a penisula or something. next thing i know i am in my maternal grandparent's old house (which was also where my family lived for a couple of years in my mid-teens). i am in a rush to get ready to leave for something. the only other person in the house is an older gay gentleman. upon waking, i had no idea who this person is, but in the dream, i must have known him. a family friend or someting. houseguest? friend of my mom's? i'm getting ready to go out, and i go into the bathroom, where, to my horror, i see two children underwater, drowned, in the bathtub. a young baby girl and a slightly older toddler boy. i panic. and pull them out of the water, putting them on towels on the floor, where i start cpr on them. i scream for the guy in the house to help. i run to grab the phone to call 911. i am panicking, wondering who left them in the bath unattended? was it my fault? was i supposed to be watching them? i don't remember anybody telling me they were there. as i'm having these thoughts, i'm screaming for the old man to help me, desperately trying to breathe life back into the children, attempting to call 911. i keep getting the wrong number. my call is not going thrugh. the old man is standing in the doorway of the bathroom, i try to force the phone into his hands, screaming at him to help and call 911. he does nothing. maybe he just doesn't want to get involved? but for some reason he is making me deal with all of this on my own. i finally get through to 911. and i breathe into the boys lungs and he coughs, water comes out of his mouth. then he is unresponsive. then he coughs again. there is hope. i am back and forth between working on him and the girl. i am awake before i find out whether or not i was able to save them both.

the strange thing is, i had this dream sleeping on a floor, and when i told the dream to my friend who had ben sleeping on the couch beside me, he told me that he also had a dream about performing cpr on a young boy. crazy eh?