Monday, February 15, 2010

twitter me this...

hey all.

as you can see, it's been a while since i've posted anything on here.
i guess i'im just kinda bored with the whole "blog" thing.
(for now.)

i've been sitting down at real tables, with real pens, and real paper, and writing things that way. drawing things too.

i'm just way more into that way of doing things for now.
(at least for a while.)

so, uh, i guess there won't be much happening on here for a while maybe.

not that there's nothing happening.

on the contrary...

if you want to keep up with me and my doings,
check out my twitter page:

short little twitter posts is about all the time i want to make for the internet these days...

take care of yourselves,
and keep an eye/ear out for the following projects:

divine styler magazine (any day now...)
brazilian faith healer (fall 2010)
eureka franklin (summer 2010)
the escape goats (fall 2010)
khmer rose (spring 2010)
oso loco (spring 2010)
fly casual (fall 2010)
montana matthews & nevada brown feat. dakota dirt (summer 2010)
black actors (fall 2010)
of course,
ok cobra (EP any day now, album fall 2010)